PING Trademarks
The following is a list of Karsten Manufacturing Corporation’s trademarks and registered trademarks in the United States and certain other countries. Please note, however, that this listing is not all-inclusive and the absence of any mark from this list does not mean that it is not a Karsten Manufacturing Corporation trademark.
4 Series® 4 Series Tour® 4 Under® AFS® AFS logo® Ally®
Alta® Alta Distanza™ Anser® Anser logo® Anser T® Arna®
AWT® AYD® B60® B65® Bergen® Blueprint™
Bruzer™ Bully™ C67® Cadence® Carefree® CFS®
Cor-Eye® Craze® Craz-E® Craz-E H™ Craz-E-R® Cushin®
Cushin logo® D66® Dale® Darby® Doon® Dragonfly®
Driven by Ping® Dylagrip® Dylagrip logo® Dyla-wedge™ Ecap® Edi™
Echo® Engineered to Play® Eye logo® Eye (new) logo® Eye 2® Eye 2 logo®
Eye2® Faith® Faith logo® Fetch™ Fit for Stroke™ Floki™
Floki CB™ Forged with anvil™ G10® G15® G15 logo®
G2® G20® G20 logo® G25® G25 logo® G30®
G400® G400 Max® G410™ G410 Max™ G410 Plus™ G5®
G700® G710™ G 812® G LE® G LE 2™ Glide®
Glide 2.0® Glide 3.0™ Glide Forged™ GMax® Gorge® Gowin®
Grayhawk® Half Pipe™ Heel-Toe Balance logo® Heppler™ HL® Hoofer®
Hoofer 14® HooferLite® HooferLite Tour™ Hoofer Monsoon® Hoofer Prodi G™
I10® I15® I15 logo® I20® I20 logo® I200®
I210® I25® I25 logo® I3 logo® I5® I500®
I510™ iBlade® iBlade 2.0™ IPing® IPing Fit® Isi®
JAS® JAS logo® Jo™ Junior Solheim Cup® K15® K15 logo®
Karsten® Karsten logo® Karsten TR® Ketsch® Ketsch 4™ Ketsch 4X™
Ketsch Mid® Kinloch® KPlunk™ Kushin® L8® Lil’B®
Low Spin Technology™ LS Tec™ Mascot® Monsoon® Moonlite® Moxie®
Moxie G® Moxie I® Moxie K® Mr. Ping logo® My Day® My Length™
NFlight® NFlight logo® Nome TR® No 3 Putt logo™ Oslo® Ping®
Ping logo® Ping A® Ping Academy® Ping E® Ping Eye 2® Ping Eye 2 logo®
Ping G® Ping G2® Ping GMax® Ping HD® Ping I® Ping I3®
Ping I5® Ping I15® Ping Junior Solheim Cup® Ping Junior Solheim Cup logo® Ping K15® Ping Me®
Ping O® Ping Phoenix, Arizona™ Ping Pistol® Ping Rapture® Ping Rollin Since 1959™ Ping Sport®
Ping Tour® Ping U® Ping Vault® Ping Vault 2.0® Ping Y®®
Pioneer® Pioneer Monsoon™ Piper® Play Your Best® PLD™ PLD1™
PLD2™ PLD3™ Power Spec® PP58™ PP60™ PP61™
PP62™ PP65™ Prime Tyne™ Prime Tyne C™ Prime Tyne 4™ Prodi G®
PWR™ Rapture® Rapture logo® Rapture V2® Redwood® Remedy®
Retro Spec™ Rustler® S55® S56® S57® Scottsdale®
Scottsdale logo® Scottsdale TR® Sedona H™ SensorCool® SensorDry® Sensor Sport®
Sensor Tech® Sensor Tour® SensorWarm® Serene® Serene logo® SF Tec™
Shea® Sigma® Sigma 2™ Sigma G® Solheim® Solheim Cup®
Solheim Cup logo® Solheim Cup trophy logo® Speyer™ Straight Flight Technology™ Stroke Type-straight logo® Stroke Type-slight arc logo®
Stroke Type-strong arc logo® Synrg® Tatum® Tess® TFC 100® Thrive®
TI 3® TI 3 logo® Tomcat® Tomcat 14™ Trajectory Tuning+ Technology™ True Roll Technology™
Turbulator Technology™ TR 1966® Traverse® Traverse LE™ Tyne® Tyne-E™
Tyne Mid™ Tyne 4™ ULT 240™ Valor ™ Vortec® Voss®
Water Shield logo® Wolverine® WRX® ZB® ZB 2™ ZB3™
Zing® Z-Z65™ Z-Z115™ ZZ 115™