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Fitting's Many Faces

Fitting's Many Faces

Whether your fitting takes place inside a golf-shop hitting bay, on a driving range, at The PING Proving Grounds or at one of the many PING Fitting Days held every season, you will enjoy the custom-fitting expertise and personalized service that distinguish a PING fitting experience.

PING Certified Club Fitters
PING Fitting Event at driving range

Enlightening and educating golfers in the benefits of a PING custom fitting is the commitment of our team of PING Certified Club Fitters working across the nation. You’ll meet them at PING Fitting Days, at golf shops or golf courses. They are trained and experienced in PING’s time-honored and tour-tested practices to ensure you are treated to a comprehensive club fitting that will help you play your best.

PING Proving Grounds

When our PGA and LPGA tour pros, collegians and mini-tour players want to test new PING clubs or refinements to their set, they seek out the Master Fitters at the PING Proving Grounds at our Phoenix, Ariz., world headquarters. Non-professionals are also treated to red-carpet treatment on the Test Field, in the Launch Pad with its grass teeing surface, and in the state-of-the-art Putting Lab, where their putting strokes are analyzed from every angle. Their clubs are built by specialists in the PING Wrx department.

PING Master Fitter with golfer
Proving Grounds Master Fitter James Lee III discusses optimizing launch conditions

One of the busiest fitters at the PING Proving Grounds is Master Fitter James Lee III. Let’s meet him.

My Experience: I’ve been in a fitting role for about 16 years, 10 at PING. I was a club fitter at the Banyan Tree Golf Course at Kadena Air Base in Okinawa, Japan, while in the service. Five days after retiring from the military, I joined PING full time.

My Responsibilities: I support the company’s commitment to outstanding fitting experiences for VIP’s, tour players, pro athletes, and celebrities at our PING Proving Grounds. Master Fitters work to increase awareness of the Proving Grounds fitting process and its brand, and we provide data to PING Fitting Science, Innovation and Engineering teams to assist in club R&D efforts. We also stay in correspondence with past customers, offering our help if they have any fitting needs or adjustments.

Why #fittingmatters: I know from the many emails I receive from satisfied customers that fitting helps bring out the best in their games. Whether it’s getting them into the correct model or a better shaft, they love seeing the results from playing equipment fit to their swing. I have emails that say, “You made me a PING customer for life!” and “You gave me great confidence in my choice of PING.” I often see a night-and-day difference in a golfer’s ability to strike the ball solidly over the course of our fitting at the Proving Grounds. Golfers really do want to learn, and fitting educates them about their game and their swing.


Tour Fitting Specialists, Technicians

Technician regripping a club inside the Tour Truck

Week in and week out, the game’s best players get custom fit on practice ranges at PGA and LPGA tour events, where PING Tour Fitting Specialists work with pros to fine-tune their ball flights and arrive at new specs. Pros then duck inside their home away from home on tour -- the PING Tour Trailer, an elaborate mobile studio where Master Technicians can build entire custom sets in minutes or make club adjustments on the fly in close collaboration with the player.

Bubba Watson in the PING Fitting Bay
Senior Player Development Manager Kenton Oates observing a driver session with PING staff member Bubba Watson

The lead man responsible for getting PING pros in the equipment they perform with week to week is Senior Player Development Manager (PGA and Korn Ferry tours) Kenton Oates:

My Experience: I have been in a fitting role with PING for about nine years. Hired as a customer service rep in 2010, I started in fitting as a Product Specialist in 2011. I joined the PING Tour department in 2013, handling developmental tours as the in-house Player Relations Specialist. In 2015 I became a rep on the PGA Tour and was promoted to my current role at the end of 2019.

My Responsibilities: To manage our PGA Tour and KFT teams to maximize the PING brand on tour. We make sure PING pros and non-staff players are using the latest PING technology in their clubs, custom fit to their exact specs and needs. In addition, we make sure they have everything they need for a given week, from fresh hats, to more tees or a new umbrella.

Why #fittingmatters: Fitting matters to me because I believe it helps people at all levels play their best. In my current role, one more fairway hit, one more close iron shot or one more holed putt can be the difference between missing the cut or winning a tournament.



Best-Trained Fitters

Since the days of our founder, Karsten Solheim, a custom-fitting visionary, our tools, technologies and training practices have evolved, building on his principles and making a PING fitting the most accurate in golf.

The PING Fitting Manual, available online to our internal fitting community worldwide, runs nearly 100 pages and is published electronically to allow for ongoing updates and to share our new custom-fitting research that fitters can apply for the benefit of your game.

PING Certified Club Fitters are trained in The PING Way through our PING Academy, the best-in-class online recurring education portal, designed as the primary resource for advancing their fitting and product expertise by offering over 30 different learning modules.  

Ping Moments in History

patent drawing for 1-A putter
At home one evening, Karsten Solheim putts with his first prototype putter head, and the tuning-fork-like construction makes a ‘ping’ sound when impacting the ball. Karsten excitedly runs into the kitchen and announces to his wife, Louise, “I’ve got a name for my putter!” Soon thereafter, he files for a patent on the PING 1-A putter. Three years later, the patent is granted. 

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