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St. Jude Hoofer

St. Jude Hoofer

PING St. Jude Hoofer Technology

  • Hoofer Four-Way Reinforced Top
    Clubs are well-protected and less prone to bunching in a top engineered to give your gear generous space. High-impact polypropylene construction and anti-flex walls provide solid support.
  • Detailed image of new Hoofer series back puck.
    A newly re-engineered back puck makes it far easier to convert PING carry bags from backpack style to a single-strap carry. 
  • When securing the Hoofer bag onto a cart, keep all 11 pockets free using this PING innovation, a cart strap pass-thru channel that slides behind the pockets to keep them accessible.
  • Rain hood pocket image of St. Jude Hoofer
    Keeping your PING clubs dry is easy; simply deploy the rain hood that is snapped inside the cushioned hip pad. When it's not raining, the rain hood provides extra padding for the walk.
  • Range finder pocket image of St. Jude Hoofer
    A magnetic range-finder pocket makes for easy access.
  • Water bottle pocket image of St. Jude Hoofer
    No fumbling for your water bottle while striding down the fairway. The water-bottle pocket is located on the lower part of the bag so it's easy to reach and replace as you're walking.

St. Jude Hoofer Reviews

Image of Sold Out Hoofer St. Jude
Ping St. Jude Hoofer
St. Jude Hoofer

  • 5.5 lbs
  • Color: White
  • 5-way Top
  • Gold Color Top and Legs
  • 11 Pockets
  • Rainbow and Gold Ribbon Pattern on Apparel Pocket and Around Base
  • 22L pocket volume
  • St. Jude Logo on Apparel Pocket, Ball Pocket, and Strap
  • Ergonomic straps
  • “Look Past the Rain and look for the Rainbows” Quote on the Strap and Top of Bag Near Handle
  • Front Adjusting Shoulder Pads With SensorCool Technology
  • PING Logo on Accessories Pocket
  • New Back Puck Simplifies Conversion to Single Strap
  • “Artwork by St. Jude patient Bridget” on Umbrella Pocket
  • Zip-off Ball-Pocket Panel
  • Full-contact Base
  • Cart-strap Channel Keeps Pockets Accessible
  • Water Resistant Welded Valuables Pockets, One Velour Lined
  • Deployable Rain Hood Attached Inside Hip Pad
  • Magnetic, Quick Access Range-Finder Pocket
  • Apparel Pocket with Full-length Zipper for Easier Access
  • Added Storage Areas Inside Apparel Pocket
  • Easy-Reach Water Bottle Pocket


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