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Hoofer 14

Distinguished by a spacious 14-way top to keep clubs organized and protected, the Hoofer 14 bag is also big on pockets with 12, including one for a range finder, plus a padded valuables pocket. Front-adjusting shoulder pads with SensorCool Technology make walking comfortable, as does a new strap connector that eases on/off.   

PING Hoofer 14 Technology

  • 14-Way Reinforced Top

    The Hoofer 14 bag stands out from other carry bags with this innovative top, which isolates every club, making organizing and finding clubs much easier.
  • Hoofer 14 Carry Bag straps

    Front-Adjusting Shoulder Straps

    SensorCool Technology is integrated into the front-adjusting, nicely padded shoulder straps, serving to keep you cool and adding to the comfort of your walk. 
  • illustration of Hoofer 14 Cart Strap Channel

    Cart-Strap Channel

    When securing the Hoofer 14 bag onto a cart, keep all 12 pockets free using this PING innovation, a cart strap pass-thru channel that slides behind the pockets to keep them accessible.
  • Hoofer carry bag strap connector

    New Strap Connector

    A new strap connector makes slipping the bag on and off a smooth, simple operation. Its ergonomic design works with the front-adjusting shoulder pads to keep the bag feeling light and balanced. 
  • Hoofer 14 Carry Bag water bottle pocket

    Water-Bottle Pocket

    Among many conveniences is a water-bottle pocket situated low on the bag to keep your beverage always close at hand while you walk. 
  • Attached Rain Hood

    Attached Rain Hood

    Protect your clubs from the elements by deploying the rain hood attached inside the cushioned hip pad. And when it's not raining, the rain hood stows inside the pad for extra comfort while walking. 
  • Black Hoofer 14 Carry Bag
  • Black White Canyon Copper Hoofer 14 Carry Bag
    Black / Graphite / Canyon Copper
  • Graphite Electric Crimson Hoofer 14 Carry Bag
    Graphite / White / Electric Crimson
  • Red Graphite Hoofer 14 Carry Bag
    Red / Graphite
  • Blue Black Hoofer 14 Carry Bag
    Blue / Black

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Hoofer 14

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