Consistency Builds Confidence.

The iPING feature is engineered to focus on important measurables in your putting stroke, the goal being to help you hone a consistent putting stroke, which our research shows is the #1 key to holing more putts. The world’s best putters have different tempos and their stroke types and putter characteristics vary, but they share a common trait: they deliver the putter face in the same position consistently on putt after putt.


Putting Handicap

The Putting Handicap (PHcp) function analyzes a series of five putts to determine a consistency score, which equates to a handicap patterned after the traditional handicap system (lower is better). Each five-putt session is stored for comparison as you challenge yourself to lower your PHcp. After your session, based on your PHcp, PING offers a recommendation for the type of putter that will fit your stroke type (straight, slight arc, or strong arc), and also suggests the proper lie angle and loft.
iPhone showing iPING app Putting Handicap screen

Putting Practice

In Practice mode, you can isolate one aspect of your putting that’s lacking in consistency – tempo, for example – for extra attention. Closing angle, impact angle, tempo, lie angle at impact and shaft lean at impact are displayed for individual putts. Closing angle (the amount your clubface is open or closed at impact), determines your stroke type: straight, slight arc, or strong arc. PING putters are identified by different-colored shaft labels: blue for straight, green for slight arc and red for strong arc.
iPhone showing iPING app Putting Practice screen

iPING Cradle

The iPING feature of the PING app works in conjunction with an iPING cradle, which holds the mobile device and clips onto the putter shaft just below the grip. The cradle fits iPhone.
iPhone in cradle mounted on putter shaft
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