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With multiple tour wins, the Tour-S specialty wedges offer versatility around the green. Its machined face and conforming grooves are engineered to optimize spin for greater control. Several loft/bounce combinations ensure choices in improving your short game. Made of 17-4 stainless steel, the brushed silver chrome finish offers a classic look.

The Tour-S is still available from your local retailer.



TOUR-S Specifications

ClubLoftLengthOffsetLieSwing WeightDexterity
58 TS58.00°35.00"0.01"64.50°D6RH/LH
60 TS60.00°35.00"0.00"64.50°D6RH/LH
64 TS64.00°35.00"0.00"64.50°D6RH/LH
  • These are design specifications that may vary due to manufacturing tolerances.
  • These are design specifications, and may vary due to manufacturing tolerances.
  • Lie angle based on Black Color Code at standard length.
  • Standard swing weights for graphite shafts are 1 point lighter than for steel shafts (as shown above).
  • Achievable swingweights depend on shaft and grip combinations.

Control and feel are greatly enhanced in the new Tour-S wedges to help you fly shots precise distances. A machined face and conforming grooves allow you to manage spin from all conditions and a re-shaped sole geometry allows for versatility in your shot making. Its Custom Tuning Port angles toward the back surface to increase the perimeter weighting for added forgiveness.

Made of 17-4 stainless steel, the brushed silver chrome edition is already a winner on tour. Multiple loft/bounce combinations are available, ensuring you have options in improving your short game and can hit the ball close from all conditions.