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Moxie K

For beginners ages 6 and 7 or between 42" and 47" tall, the Moxie K offers kid-friendly technology that produces fast results and builds confidence.

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Featuring a stainless steel fairway wood, two irons, an Anser putter and a lightweight carry bag with stand, the Moxie® K is the perfect starter set for a young golfer.

With flexible graphite shafts to help juniors get their shots airborne, these lightweight clubs are designed for boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 7. Junior-sized grips help the golfer release the club properly through impact.

MOXIE K Specifications

Club Loft Length
Fairway Wood 23.00° 30.00"
7-iron 36.00° 27.00"
SW 52.00° 25.00"
Putter 3.00° 24.00"