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The 7-club Moxie i set is engineered for boys and girls ages 10 and 11 or between 54" and 60" tall who still require the benefits of ultra-lightweight clubs. 

PING Moxie i Technology

  • Detail View of Moxie i Junior Set

    Seven-Club Set

    The Moxie i combines a driver, fairway wood, hybrid, perimeter-weighted irons, an Anser putter and a lightweight carry bag with cushioned straps.
  • View of Moxie i Driver, Fairway, and Hybrid

    Driver, Fairway, Hybrid

    The 370cc titanium driver, stainless steel fairway wood and easy-to-hit hybrid deliver more velocity, high launch and distance. Lightweight graphite shafts help with clubhead speed. 
  • Cavity View of Moxie i Irons

    Forgiving Irons

    Three perimeter-weighted irons (7, 9, SW), get the ball airborne easily. Junior-sized grips help the golfer release the club properly through impact.
  • Moxie Anser Putter

    Anser-Style Putter

    An Anser-style putter based on the winningest model in golf history will help the aspiring junior golfer be more confident and consistent on the greens. 

Moxie i Reviews

Moxie Junior Set
Ping Moxie i

Moxie i

Moxie Junior Set
Ping Moxie i

Club Loft Length
Driver 16.00° 39.00"
Fairway Wood 23.00° 37.00"
Hybrid 27.00° 35.00"
7-iron 36.00° 33.00"
9-iron 42.00° 32.00"
SW 52.00° 31.00"
Putter 3.00° 30.00"

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