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The iron-style G15 hybrid features substantial weight low in the toe to expand the perimeter weighting to help launch the ball higher and longer. A unique head design simultaneously positions the CG closer to the face and farther back from the hosel, producing high-launching, low-spinning trajectories.

Fill-in or replacement only, subject to availability.



G15 Specifications

ClubLoftLengthLieSwing WeightEquivalent IronEquivalent FairwayDexterity
  • These are design specifications and may vary due to manufacturing tolerances.
  • These are design specifications that may vary due to manufacturing tolerances
  • Standard length for steel-shafted hybrids is 1/2" shorter than listed
  • Standard swing weights for Soft R and Regular shafts are 1 point lighter than shown

The G15 hybrids offer high-launching, forgiving alternatives to long- and mid-irons. A large internal toe pad increases the perimeter weighting for maximum forgiveness and distance.

Its unique hosel design positions the CG closer to the face to provide high launch and low spin for dependable, accurate results, even from challenging lies. The G15’s iron-style face presents a clean look at address and will benefit golfers of all abilities.