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Straight Flight Technology (SF Tec) provides extra heel weighting to increase the natural rotation of the large, 460cc clubhead and help square the face at impact. SF Tec concentrates approximately 10% of head mass toward the heel for consistently long, straight tee shots.

The K15 has been discontinued and is no longer available.



K15 Specifications

LoftLengthOffsetLieHead WeightHead SizeSwing WeightDexterity
  • These are design specifications that may vary due to manufacturing tolerances.

Straight drives are the reason we designed the K15. PING’s innovative Straight Flight Technology (SF Tec) places approximately 10% of head mass toward the heel to help square the face for splitting fairways.

The K15 will help you see big distance gains. With a longer face heel to toe and a large-profile 460cc head, the MOI is sizeable for maintaining ball speeds and forgiveness across the hitting surface. This design optimizes the center of gravity to generate high launch and low spin.