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With wins at the 2007 men's and women's U.S. Opens, the Rapture driver's performance spoke for itself. The 460cc head featured a composite crown and internal weighting design that made it a favorite of tour professionals around the world. It delivered results you could see, feel — and hear.

The RAPTURE has been discontinued and is no longer available.



RAPTURE Specifications

LoftLengthOffsetLieHead WeightHead SizeSwing WeightDexterity
  • These are design specifications that may vary due to manufacturing tolerances.

The Rapture Driver combines titanium, carbon composite and innovative thinking to create a powerful and forgiving option off the tee. The visual technology of the composite crown design not only attracts attention, it pays off in performance.

The 460cc driver features a visible, web-shaped titanium crown injected with lightweight composite. PING engineers relied on computer optimization models driven by a Cray Supercomputer to analyze the crown to ensure structural integrity and performance. Acoustical engineering was also heavily employed to produce a solid, powerful sound.