Karsten sketched the design on the dust jacket of a 78 rpm record

The winningest putter of all time

In January of 1966, Karsten Solheim designed the Anser putter. The idea came to him, as inspiration often does, in a flash. He sketched the design on the dust jacket of a 78 rpm record.

The putter’s design was the first of its kind, featuring an offset hosel that provided golfers a clean view of the face. The cavity back putter also featured a low center of gravity and lines parallel to the face to help golfers in squaring the putter.

Clearly, Karsten had designed a revolutionary putter.

All he needed now was a name. Since it was the answer to a particularly vexing problem – putting -- his wife Louise suggested they name it "Answer." Karsten liked the name, but felt it would be too long to fit on the putter.

With a deadline looming to get the design to the engraver's shop, Louise then said, "Leave out the 'w'." Which is what they did. The Anser went on to become the winningest putter in golf with more than 500 Tour wins.

Today, the innovations introduced in the Anser putter can be found in just about every putter on the market—making it not only the most popular design, but the most copied. It's no exaggeration to say that Karsten Solheim and his Anser putter changed putting forever.