PING is dedicated to providing its employees and the community with a clean, safe, and healthful work environment. Our goal is to conduct our business in an environmentally sensitive and prudent manner. Our focus is to minimize environmental, health, and safety risks to our employees and the community, and comply with all applicable Federal, State and local regulations.

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Dedication to the Environment

All PING employees, working together, are key to accomplishing environmental and safety compliance and have the responsibility of promoting issues of environmental importance. It is our commitment to continue improving our performance, where possible, by using processes and methodologies which reduce waste, promote pollution prevention and enhance employee safety. These programs benefit our employees, our company, the community and our customers. We will continue to set environmental objectives and programs to achieve our commitment.

Corporate Environmental Responsibilities

PING utilizes management practices that promote worker safety and protect the environment. This environmental stewardship is incorporated into our design and construction of plant facilities, process modifications, and the use of potentially hazardous materials in the workplace. PING will strive to:

Provide the resources necessary to implement appropriate environmental and safety programs and pollution prevention techniques and commit to achieving the goals associated with these programs and techniques– including PING’s pollution prevention plan.

Analyze the environmental and safety factors of proposed capital projects and design processes for their effect or potential effect on environmental and safety compliance.

Recognize that compliance with all applicable environmental and safety permits, laws, and regulations is our obligation. PING will strive to enhance compliance where possible.

Educate employees and promote accountability for safety and environmental performance.

Identify and evaluate potential environmental and safety hazards using accepted audit procedures. These audits will be scheduled regularly and will involve key personnel, including direction and guidance from legal counsel.

Evaluate process and facility changes for their impact on the environment and employee safety.

Participate with governmental agencies and organized groups in developing and adopting responsible environmental legislation.

Employee Responsibilities

Advance issues of environmental and safety importance.

Be aware of circumstances which indicate an environmental or safety issue that could possibly result in an unauthorized or negative impact to the environment or to employee safety.

Perform their jobs as trained, taking care to minimize negatively impacting the environment and employee safety.

Where operations allow, evaluate and implement alternative materials to reduce and/or eliminate waste that impacts our environment and employee safety.

Reduce natural resource and energy consumption at company owned and operated facilities.

Assist the community in which we live by participation in city, county and state environmental programs (e.g. travel reduction program, household hazardous waste collection days, no burn days, etc.)

Promptly notify the Director of Environmental Health and Safety of circumstances that present a risk to the environment or a risk to employee safety.