PING maintains a Repair Department at its factory to service PING golf clubs. You can either take the product to your local PING retailer to forward to us, or ship it directly to the PING Repair Department. For carry and cart-carried bag repairs, please take the product to your local PING retailer for evaluation.

Club Repair - 655x420

A completed Repair Form is required to initiate any repair order.

The shipping address for the U.S. PING Repair Department is on the form. Please use the link at right to download the form. Return Authorization (RA) is not required for U.S. repairs.

Do you live outside the United States?

PING has distributors worldwide who are authorized to repair PING products, saving you shipping costs and repair time. Please note that some distributors require return authorization before you can send items in for repair. Please use the Retailer Locator to find the distributor nearest you, and be sure to inquire about return authorization.

PING Canada
2790 Brighton Road
Ontario, Canada L6H 5T4
phone: 905-829-8004
phone: 866-424-7464

PING Europe Limited
Corringham Road
Gainsborough, Lincolnshire
England DN 21 1XZ
phone: 1427-615405

Please note the following repair policies:

  • PING will only regrip, reshaft and repair authentic PING golf clubs.
  • Any PING clubs with serial numbers that have been removed or altered will not be serviced.
  • In order to be considered for a "no-charge" repair, all parts of the product must be returned to the Repair Department.
  • Shafts removed from clubheads are rendered unusable and will not be returned.
  • PING does not provide individual components such as shafts, backweights, medallions, ferrules etc. for do-it-yourself repairs.
  • Repairs performed by a third party may affect the integrity of a PING club and render it unserviceable.
  • PING does not regroove irons
  • PING no longer reshafts or refinishes wooden woods. As a result, any other repair work that involves reshafting or refinishing (ie. insert replacement or soleplate repair) also cannot be performed. Please contact your local golf club repair shop for these types of repairs.
  • Due to the different weight ranges of clubheads used to build graphite vs. steel-shafted irons, switching from steel to graphite (or graphite to steel) may not be possible in every case.

PING irons and wedges are adjustable to fit your changing swing for several years.

However, certain factors, like the type of metal, its age, and the number of adjustments that have already been performed, will affect the adjustability of your set. The Maximum Lie Angle Adjustability chart (below) displays the normal adjustability by model. However, the Repair Department will determine the actual adjustability of each set on a case-by-case basis. A signed Release is required for these special cases.

Maximum Lie Angle Adjustability

ModelAdjustabilityRelease Required
i20 irons5 color codesno
G20 irons5 color codesno
S56 irons5 color codesno
Anser wedges5 color codesno
Anser irons5 color codesno
Tour-S wedges5 color codesno
K15 irons5 color codesno
Faith irons5 color codesno
i15 irons5 color codesno
G15 irons5 color codesno
Rapture V2 irons5 color codesno
S57 irons4 color codes [4°]no
i10 irons5 color codesno
G10 irons5 color codesno
Rhapsody irons5 color codesno
S58 irons4 color codes [4°]no
Tour-W (Brushed Silver Chrome finish)4 color codesyes
Tour-W (Black Nickel finish)3 color codesyes
i5 irons5 color codesno
G5 irons5 color codesno
Rapture V2 irons5 color codesno
Rapture irons5 color codesno
iWedge2 color codes [2°]yes
Tour Wedge3 color codesyes
Tour Wedge (Black Nickel finishes)3 color codesyes
PING wedges2 color codes [2°]yes
S59/S59 Tour irons4 color codes [4°]no
G2 irons3 color codesyes
i3+/i3+ Blade irons2 color codes [2°]yes
i3 irons (Blade/O-Size)2 color codes [2°]yes
ISI/ISI-N (Copper/Nickel)nonen/a
ISI-S/ISI-K (Steel)2 color codes [2°]yes
ZING2 (Copper)nonen/a
ZING2 (Steel)2 color codes [2°]yes
ZING (Steel or Copper)nonen/a
EYE2/EYE2+ (<10 yrs old)4 color codes [4°]no
EYE2/EYE2+ (10-15 yrs old)2 color codes [2°]yes
EYE2 (Copper)nonen/a
Moxie ironsnonen/a