4 Series

The 4 Series bag enjoys enduring popularity for its super-lightweight comfort, easy-adjusting shoulder pads that keep a golfer balanced, and strategically arranged pockets that provide ample room for items big and small. Shoulder pads are integrated with SensorCool Technology, and a deployable rain hood is attached inside the cushioned hip pad.

    • Four-Way Reinforced Top

      The wells are specially engineered to provide ample room for clubs so they're less prone to bunching. A high-impact polypropylene frame and anti-flex walls lend support to ensure durability and lasting quality.

    • Adjustable
      Shoulder Pads

      Keep your cool on the course beneath easy-adjusting shoulder pads that are integrated with SensorCool Technology. Use the strap connector to carry the bag by a single strap or backpack style with optimal weight distribution.

    • Water Bottle Pocket

      No fumbling for your water bottle while you're striding down the fairway. The water-bottle pocket is strategically located on the lower part of the bag so it's easy to reach and replace as you're walking.

    • Attached Rain Hood

      When the rains come, protect your gear by deploying the rain hood that is snapped inside the cushioned hip pad. On clear days, it stows inside the hip pad to provide added comfort.

  • 4-way top designed to keep clubs from bunching
  • Approximately 4.5 lbs.
  • Easy-adjusting shoulder pads with SensorCool Technology
  • Wide 24-inch leg span for stability
  • 7 pockets (6 zippered, 1 slip)
  • Padded valuables pocket with divider pouch
  • Insulated water-bottle pocket easy to reach while walking
  • Lightweight, durable polyester
  • Deployable rain hood attached inside hip pad
  • Umbrella holder, towel loop
  • Zip-off, customizable ball-pocket panel

The 4 Series is a proven, all-purpose performer. Lightweight, comfortable and easy to carry, this versatile bag brings both style and substance. Seven pockets include a water-bottle pocket that's easy reach while you're walking, a full-length apparel pocket, a padded valuables pocket, and more. A rain hood attached inside the cushioned hip pad deploys to keep your gear dry when it's raining and stays stowed to provide extra comfort on clear days.

Easy-adjusting shoulder pads are integrated with SensorCool Technology to wick moisture away during the hottest rounds. A strap connector allows the bag to be carried by a single strap or backpack style with optimal weight distribution so you stay in balance on every step.

The rigid four-way top with an integrated handle is made of high-impact polypropylene and its wells are structured to make clubs less prone to bunching. A wide, 24-inch leg span provides stability on all surfaces. The full-contact base helps the bag sit flush with the ground when the legs are deployed.


Some PING carry bags may require bag stand assembly. Learn how to attach your PING bag stand in this instructional video.